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Meadowlawn Australian Shepherds generally produces 1 or 2 litters per calendar year, but this can vary as we only plan a litter when we are hoping to keep something for ourselves.  We spend a great deal of time and energy planning each litter to ensure that only the best crosses are made, taking into consideration health, temperament, and structural correctness.  Any Aussie we use for breeding meets the following criteria: OFA Hip & Elbow clearance, OFA Eye clearance (within' 1 year of the breeding), DNA testing for, at minimum, MDR1, HSF4 Cataract, CEA (or cleared by parentage), and PHA.  They must also closely represent the Australian Shepherd breed standard, both in temperament & structure, and possess titles in conformation and/or performance venues with AKC & ASCA.


Our puppies are available to Pet/Companion, Performance, and experienced conformation show homes.  Puppies are placed based on suitability & purpose, rather than by color and/or gender.  While we feel it's perfectly okay to have a specific color or gender preference, it is not our primary concern when matching owners & puppies.  Puppies are evaluated at 7-8 weeks of age for temperament and structure and from there, we determine what type of home each individual puppy is best suited for.  Because of this, we cannot guarantee a particular puppy's availability before 8 weeks of age.  If this is a struggle for a potential home to wait until 8 weeks of age, we encourage finding a breeder with different placement standards.


Preference is given to homes eager to provide healthy lifestyle choices for their companion, such as following Dr. Jean Dodds minimal vaccine protocol, spaying/neutering after 12 months of age, administering minimal or no chemicals such as flea/tick medications, feeding premium, high quality foods or raw feeding, and maintaining training & daily activity for their companion.  The Australian Shepherd is not a cookie cutter breed, nor is it ideal for every home.  They are highly intelligent and highly driven, with a very high energy level.  This breed does best in homes that possess great dog sense, consistent rules & boundaries, a passion for training & engagement with their dog, and an understanding of how herding breeds function & thrive.


Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home.  As newborns through 2 weeks of age, we perform Early Neurological Stimulation daily.  At 4 weeks of age, our puppies are introduced to litter box training as a means of keeping their area well cleaned and instilling the concept that there is a proper and improper place to relieve themselves.  We have found this to be an excellent stepping stone to regular house training once the puppies leave for their new homes.  At 6 weeks of age, our puppies begin coming to work with Sarah daily where they meet numerous people and other dogs. Additionally, we expose our puppies to many different surfaces, sounds, locations, and visitors - all before they turn 8 weeks of age.


Our puppies leave our nest well adjusted and socialized, are comfortable with wearing collars and being in a crate, and are used to basic hygiene care such as nail trimming, bath's, being blown dry and brushed.  They have their eyes checked and cleared by a canine ophthalmologist at 7 weeks of age and receive their first puppy vaccine at 8 weeks of age.  Not only do our puppy owners acquire a new companion, they also acquire us, their puppy's breeders, as a life long support system.  We are here for our owners for the entire life of their companion, whether to aid in training or health questions for example or simply to be an encourager & a happy recipient of pictures and stories of your life together.


We encourage interested parties to contact us early, even if we do not have a litter planned or announced on our web page.  We generally have a waiting list started in advance, prior to a litter being conceived.  Potential homes can expect to be asked to fill out our Puppy Application, answer many questions, and also be required to visit our premises at least once for an in person meeting (if location allows).


Pet/Companion Puppies or Performance Puppies

These puppies are healthy, beautiful, and well socialized but do not meet our standards to be in the show ring.  For example, they may have a bit too much white in an area not allowed by the Australian Shepherd breed standard.  Most puppies in a litter will be best suited for this type of home. These puppies make exceptional family companions and particular puppies who have high drive temperaments can excel in performance venues such as competitive obedience, agility, etc.  Pet/Companion puppies are placed with a written agreement & health guarantee and are eligible for limited registration with AKC and ASCA.  These puppies are required to be spayed or neutered after sexual maturity.

Pet/Companion puppies are priced at $2,000.00.


Show Prospect Puppies

These puppies meet the breed standard closely and are, in our opinion, puppies that could be successful in the show ring.  We rarely place puppies in show homes as we plan our litters for ourselves, but when available, we give preference to experienced and competitive homes.  Show prospect puppies are placed with a written agreement & health guarantee, are eligible for registration with AKC & ASCA, and are co-owned by us until health clearances are accomplished.

Show prospect puppies are priced by private agreement.


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